•          To provide a stable and supportive studio space for people with experience of mental health issues, who are interested in exploring their creativity and developing their art practice.

•          To equip people with new artistic skills whilst also encouraging freedom of expression and the pursuit of individual practices.

•          To encourage people to develop their identities as artists or studio members, rather than ‘service users’ or ‘patients’.

•          To address the outdated mode of ‘us’ and ‘them’ working in mental health services whilst ensuring a supportive and considered approach to people’s recovery process.

•          To combat isolation, by provide a space in the community for people to build social networks and gain a sense of belonging.

•          To equip people with the confidence and transferable skills which might enable them to seek further training, education or employment.

All artwork is created and owned by the artists at Artspace Brighton.

Charity No. 1165902, Company No. 08612082