Read the words of our studio members, and comments from others we've worked alongside, to get a fuller picture of the impact we have.


“This place is just so incredibly even and nobody is made to feel small or insignificant, the sense of 'sameness' is so special”- Dianne, Studio Member.
“You get a good feeling from coming here, and from the people, even if someone is having a bad day, you get a sense that you want to help each other. I think it’s got to the point where we're all looking out for each other and asking about each other’s upcoming things. Basically, it feels like you've got a big happy family here, outside of the studio I've forgotten what a family feeling is like as I've only got my older half-brother” - Steve, Studio Member.  
“Coming to Artspace is a wonderful opportunity. It can be very solitary and isolating working alone at home and you miss the feedback. The fact that I can come to this studio gives me a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging and I learn a lot. The atmosphere is conducive to creativity as it is an aesthetic, ordered space full of inspiring pictures, prints, cards and brochures and there is a wall to display our work”- Julia, Studio Member.
"Almost as soon as you walk through the door, it’s a bit like having a light switched on, you get an instant lift. And then carving lino is like a release, when you're doing it you can't think about anything else, about anything that's bothering you, and for every bit of the lino that you carve away, it's like clearing mental rubbish” -Dianne, Studio Member.
“I’ve made friends here, which has made me more confident. I was quite shy when I came here but now I’ve got used to talking to people. I kept myself to myself at first but now I feel more confident and relaxed around people and talking to them, and it’s great because we’ve got similar interests”- Hannah, Studio Member.
“If I didn’t come here I would be stuck indoors and I would not be anywhere else, it gets me out. It makes me feel happy being part of a community, it’s the people”- Maria, Studio Member.
“I feel better to be able to say I'm doing art and going to a studio, I'm busy and it definitely helps me to feel like I identify myself as an artist”- Helen, Studio Member. 
“The need to create things gives me a sense of purpose in life. It gets me out of my rut at home”- Philip, Studio Member.
"Having visited Artspace with a prospective client and having a current client attending I have seen first-hand the warm and welcoming environment that Kit and Abi have made for the service users that use Artspace.  The gentleman I support has in the past been isolated socially and lacking friendship support and something meaningful to focus on in his life.  This service has given him a focus and a weekly routine. He has developed new skills and become an accomplished artist with paintings going on display.  He has also forged new friendships which had previously been most lacking in his life" - Shawn Timmons, Key Worker at Brighton and Hove YMCA. 
"It's been great working with Abi and Kit. From my experience, they are committed, clear, thorough and very supportive of their artists. The studio space is a wonder to visit, I ran a surgery day over a year ago and the artists told me how much they loved Artspace. We have kept in touch since then and Abi and Kit have let their artists know of the opportunities Outside In do so they get to take part in these and develop their skills. It was fantastic that Artspace were able to support their artists to Share Art at Pallant House Gallery, where they got to speak about their work surrounded by modern British art. It was a powerful moment seeing the Artspace artists speak about their artwork and they tell me they enjoyed the experience and feel like it’s helped their confidence"- Hannah Whitlock, Outide In Artist Coordinator at Pallant House Gallery.

All artwork is created and owned by the artists at Artspace Brighton.

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